Who We Are?

About Us HotelMaps Antalya Travel Service & Health Tourism has been in the travel industry since 2015 and is capable of exceeding our operators’ expectations. As an experienced handling agent in Turkey, we offer our special clients the most appropriate packages based on their interests and special requests, earning us a solid reputation for the thought and planning that goes into our vacations, as well as the personalized service that we pride ourselves on.

What we do?

We are providing high international standard service quality in several sectors here. (Trading, Tourism, and Real Estate and health tourism). Our mission is to provide you with the best quality services and to follow up on all your needs and requests as you want.
Our values are our compass to find our way. Hotel-maps entire team is well organized and professional and experienced to manage the business accordingly.
We’re offering you a holiday at affordable prices with different budgets based on your requests at Antalya, Turkey.


How HotelMaps Work?

Taking Steps to Improve Your Health
All the main therapeutic areas are covered by Medical Tourism Services. We work with top doctors and staff who have previously worked in some of Turkey’s and Europe’s most renowned medical institutes.

Treatment of the highest calibre

In Turkey, we have focused not only on providing high-quality treatment alternatives, but we can now also give patients the most cutting-edge treatment options, ranging from cancer to cosmetic therapies. By submitting a form for a second medical opinion, you will not only be able to confirm the diagnosis or receive alternative treatment from well-known doctors, but you will also receive a complete treatment program with additional services that you can find on our website in the supportive services section.

Our Unique Services

As part of each treatment program that is designed especially for our patients, they get complimentary services of an interpreter, transportation, and an assistant throughout their medical trip to Turkey. The “Follow up” patient management service may help you feel more at ease about returning to your home country after your medical treatment.

We monitor our patients’ health throughout the recovery process.

Know More About Us

What is meant by medical tourism?

Medical tourism is the process of obtaining medical treatment outside of one’s own country. Originally, the phrase referred to people traveling to industrialized countries in search of therapies that were not accessible in their own country.

The main goal of hotels is to offer pleasant accommodation. A resort is more of a self-contained development that may serve as a stand-alone destination. The resort can accommodate most travel requirements, including eating, entertainment, shopping, local transportation, and more.

Health tourism refers to tourism with the main goal of improving physical, mental, and/or spiritual health via medical and wellness-related activities that improve people’s ability to meet their own needs and operate better as individuals in their surroundings.

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