Best Antalya Beach Guide

Antalya Beach Guide

The area around Antalya is known for its beautiful beaches and stunning scenery. The Turquoise Coast is another name for it. You can spend a great day at one of the many beautiful bays and coves with impressive beaches. And where some are rocky, and others are sandy and golden.

One of the best things to do in Antalya visits these beautiful beaches. The whole area of Antalya has more than 500 kilometres of beautiful sandy and pebbled beaches, Blue Flag beaches with clear water, and pine-forested mountains in the background. So it got the name “Turquoise Coast.”

You can enjoy the fine sand beaches and clear waters of the Mediterranean, go on a romantic walk or do water sports like banana boat rides, jet ski, paragliding, or just lay out in the sun. Best Beaches in Antalya Turkiye. Enjoy your Antalya holiday.

Best Beaches in Antalya

Antalya Beach Konyaalti

Antalya Beach Konyaalti

The main beach in the city is Konyaalti Beach, which is about 7 km from the Antalya harbour. The beach is 1.5 km long and has blue flags and small rocks. The water is so clear in the morning that it looks like an aquarium.

You can easily take the tram west from the town centre to get to this beautiful beach at the last stop. You can also find and do many different kinds of water sports.

Mermerli Antalya Beach

Mermerli Antalya Beach

Mermerli beach is a pretty beach right in the historic centre of Antalya, at the end of the marina, Kaleici Harbor. This beach is famous in the city, and the water is calm.

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Inciralti Antalya Beach

Next to Lara beach is another popular beach called Inciralti beach. It is a public beach where the water is calm.

Kemer Moonlight Beach

The most popular beach in Antalya’s Kemer resort is Moonlight Beach. The beach is 500 metres long and has golden sand. It is in an impressive bay right next to the Kemer marina.

There are a lot of stylish beach clubs, cafes, restaurants, and boutique shops along the beach promenade, which makes it look lovely. You can also do a wide range of water sports there. 

Lara Antalya Beach

Alanya Damlatas Antalya Beach
Alanya Damlatas Antalya Beach

The blue flag beach at Lara Beach Resort is 8 kilometres long and has excellent facilities. Here, you can have a great day at the beach by soaking up the sun, swimming, and doing water sports. Here, the sand is thin and yellow. The water is also warmer than the water at most of Antalya’s other beaches.

You can also find a variety of places to go banana boating, paragliding, jet skiing, kayaking, or pedalling on the water.

Alanya Cleopatra Antalya Beach

The most well-known beach in the Antalya resort of Alanya is Cleopatra Beach. The name comes from a story that Antonius and Cleopatra swam here.

It is a fine-sand beach with blue flags that is 2 km long. It starts at the end of the nearby Damlatas beach. The water at the beach is shallow and very clear.

Alanya Damlatas Antalya Beach

Alanya Damlatas Antalya Beach
Alanya Damlatas Antalya Beach

The Damlatas beach is one of the most beautiful in Alanya. It is right in front of the historic Damlatas Cave. It also has a blue flag, and people in the Alanya area love it.

Incekum Antalya Beach

The Incekum Beach is close to Alanya and has a beautiful setting with pine trees for shade. People also like to camp near the beach.

The beach is one kilometre long and has fine sand and blue flags. Its shallow waters are what bring people there, and it’s a great place to camp, especially for families with kids.

Evrenseki & Kumkoy Beaches Antalya Beach

The most popular beaches in Side, which is a resort in the city of Antalya, are Evrenseki and Kumkoy. Evrenseki is the beach where the public can go.

Both beaches are sandy and have everything people need when they go to the beach.

Phaselis Antalya Beach

Phaselis bay Antalya Beach
Phaselis Antalya Beach

Through its three old harbours, the ancient city of Phaselis has three beautiful beaches. It is between the resorts of Tekirova and Camyuva in Kemer.

The beach at the south harbour is the most popular and best one. It has toilets and showers and is a great place to hang out. Both the beach and the view are wonderful. The beach has both sand and small rocks.

The coast is beautiful, with places to sunbathe and camp. You’ll see a lot of moored yachts and people who come every day on boat trips.

Cirali Antalya Beach

The Cirali resort in Kemer has a beautiful beach in a beautiful bay that is naturally protected by pine forests and the Beydaglari Mountain range in the background.

Cirali Beach is 3.5 km long and has water that is clear as glass. It has a blue flag. It goes to the famous Olympos beach, which is close by.

Many boats and yachts will be moored here. There are also a lot of beach cafes and restaurants right by the water.

Beach at Olympos Antalya Kemer (Antalya Beach)

Beach at Olympos Antalya Kemer (Antalya Beach)
Beach at Olympos Antalya Kemer (Antalya Beach)

The Olympos resort in Kemer is right next to Cirali, and the Olympos beach is right next to Cirali beach.

The Beydaglari mountain range and pine forests are in the background of the 400-meter-long Olympos beach. The beach has golden sand and is a great place to swim and lay out in the sun. The area is well-known among hippies.

Adrasan Antalya Beach

Adrasan Antalya Beach
Adrasan Beach Antalya

In a beautiful cove, the Adrasan resort in Kemer has a beautiful beach that is worth seeing. The area is naturally safe from harm.

The Adrasan beach is 2 km long, has a blue flag, and has many beach and water sports to offer. A lot of boats and yachts will be moored.

People also like to go to Adrasan cove to go scuba diving and deep sea fishing. Adrasan is one of the best places to go diving in Antalya because the water is so clear, and the underwater environment is so attractive.