Pirate Boat Trip Kemer

Pirate Boat Trip in Kemer

Pirate Boat Trip in Kemer

You love your Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Do you?

If you are, then you’re in the right place. Pirate Boat Trip in Kemer is perfect for you. 

In addition, throughout your visit, you can take in the beautiful landscape of Kemer’s ocean and bays. You could also take part in competitions, go to local spots and take a dip as often as you want!

What’s included? What is included in Pirate Boat Trip Kemer?

  • Hotel transfer is available without additional cost.
  • The lunch menu is (fish or chicken with salad)
  • Party, Animations

What’s excluded from Pirate Boat Trip Kemer?

  • Drinks
  • Any additional personal expenses (photographs, souvenirs, etc.)
  • Tickets for entry into the city that was once called ” Phaselis.”

The Advantages of Pirate Boat Trip Kemer

Pirate Boat Trip Kemer

Pirate Boat Trip Kemer

The boat ride is as excellent as it sounds but why?

In the beginning, you’ll have an opportunity to cruise aboard a magnificent boat and take in the beauty and scenery of the bays and clean oceans.

Second, the trip is conducted on a large and cool vessel that provides entertainment and contests.

Finally, it’s quite affordable and will leave a lasting impression on you.

On the course of our Kemer Pirate Ship Boat Trip, we will stop at these bays.

Make sure you have your camera in place. You will be visiting the best places in Kemer, and these are:

  • The Ancient Lycian City of Phaselis
  • Cleopatra Bay
  • Port and bay of Kemer
  • Paradise Bay
  • You can swim

Phaselis A Lycian city that dates back to antiquity with Pirate Boat Trip Kemer

The Ancient Lycian City of Phaselis is located about 12 kilometres far from Kemer and is considered to be one of the best places to see in Antalya.

The remnants of this city will be awe-inspiring to anyone who enjoys old stories. Many mosaics and bas-reliefs, remnants of old structures, its distinctive vibes, clean waterways that surround the city, and fresh air with the pine scent of the forest… The list goes on. In the end, you’ll not forget Phaselis!

Bays of Kemer Bays are a collection of bays within Kemer (Pirate Boat Trip Keme)

The caverns and bays of Kemer are situated along the shoreline and are packed with mystery and beauty. Beautiful landscapes and clear waters are the things these bays are made out of… Therefore they can provide you with a lot of positive energy. They also offer you stunning views during a cruise to snap or shoot pictures! Each one will have distinctive characteristics.

For instance, Kemer Turkiz Marina is known for its pallets as well as vintage-styled sailing vessels that carry thousands of people each day. On the other hand, Cleopatra’s Bay will surprise visitors with its gorgeous blue waters and golden beaches.

Then Kemer Bay is part of an exclusive national park known worldwide for its unique nature and an astonishing variety of animals and flora. It is true that you will be captivated by these spots!

On the Deck is the Most Exciting Experience and fun Pirate Boat Trip Kemer.

On this boat trip, you’ll have the chance to take part in entertainment on board the vessel, which will include animators dressed as pirates!

There will also be competitions, a foam party, tasty food, drinks available at the bar and, of course, laughter and exuberance…

You can enjoy a stunning view of Kemer from the bow end of the vessel for those who prefer to relax on the Deck in peace. On the upper Deck, you can lay back and relax.

Kemer Pirate Ship tour trip is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

As you (adults), youngsters are sure to enjoy the Kemer Pirate Ship Boat Trip because of its unique activities and animations designed for kids. If you’re planning to visit Kemer as a whole family, it is likely the trip to become the most loved one by everyone.

A pirate boat tour of Kemer is, without doubt, the most memorable themed tour in Kemer, and the quality, program, and atmosphere will prove it. You could WhatsApp us or contact us and enjoy this experience! HotelMaps Antalya.