About this activity in Antalya nature
SANDLAND (Antalya Sand Sculpture Museum) is one of the premier sand sculpture events in the world. The art of sand sculpting is an individual, ephemeral art that has steadily been gaining worldwide popularity in recent years. They used only sand and water. They used only sand and water in sand sculpting activities which are included within alternative arts. Sand Sculptors perform their work in solo or teams of 2-3 sculptors sculptures. The outcome is that they create magnificent works which are thousands of tons in weight and measure many meters in height and length, simply using water and sand. The art of sand sculpture adopts the philosophy that nothing is permanent and everything will disappear one day. Sandland 2021 theme is Atlantis. Besides visitors can see 7 Wonders of the World as Chichen Itza, KEPS Pyramid, Holofernes Holofernes mausoleum etc. Children will also be able to experience the first sand sculpture experience with the workshops organized at Magic Sand Castle, where they will have a pleasant time.

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