In one day, you can visit the following 4 places in Antalya

Top 4 Places Antalya during one day Trip. Enjoy the Beauty of nature and Antalya’s rich History. 

On one day Tour, visit Antalya Perge, Side, Aspendos, and Waterfalls. On this Tour, you will see four unique places in Antalya for one day. It will be a mixed tour we will enjoy nature’s enchanting beauty. And we will dive into the seas of history.

Prepare for a thrilling journey into the past. Examine the cities of Perge, Aspendos, and Side from the past. Visit a Kurşunlu waterfall on the way back to Antalya.


Pamphylia’s capital was Perge. The Roman Baths, the Agora, the Colonnaded Street, the Nymphaeum. And the stadium is all included in the Tour. Take a journey through history to Aspendos Ancient Theatre. In Antalya Side

In the second century A.D, They built an exceptionally well-kept ancient theatre. Which now organizes festivals and music events. And has a seating capacity of 15,000 people.

Before we go to the Side, we stop for lunch at a restaurant beside the local river. Side is one of Antalya, Turkey’s finest classical ancient towns; it was a port city. That serviced the region’s biggest slave market during the Roman era. The area was advanced, with a large theatre and Roman Baths. And the Temple of Apollo is among the highlights. It is up to the visitor to see one waterfall at a time.

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Top 4 Places Antalya Perge, Side, Aspendos & Waterfalls

Tour description

four places in Antalya on the same day

Visit three See historic sites in one day. Followed by a nature trip to Kurşunlu Waterfall National Park. 

Begin an incredible trip through history. At Purge is a magnificent archaeological site rich in history. There are a lot of Roman-era artifacts on display at the museum.

The enormous arena, stadium, Roman gates, city walls, Roman baths, and other attractions are worth visiting. Discover the Bronze Age acropolis and the 500-meter-long main. The street is lined with columns and fountains.

 Continue to Aspendos or Aspendos was an ancient Greco-Roman city. In the Antalya region of Turkey. The location is 7 km northeast of Serik’s core district.

Today, Aspendos is one of Pamphylia’s most significant towns. It is a well-known tourist attraction with a Roman amphitheater.

 In the year 155 AD, they built this city.


One of the world’s best-preserved Roman theatrical architectural specimens is the Aspendos Theatrical.

Climb the stairwell floors and marvel at the grandeur of the galleries That are still in use today.

After lunch, explore Side’s ancient ruins from the Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine eras.

Take a walk around the ancient city to view the fountains: city walls, agora, and other attractions.

There are marble columns and other elements in the arena. The Temple of Apollo provides magnificent views. Of the Mediterranean Sea’s turquoise waters. It is the most outstanding location. Take a relaxing dip on the way back to Antalya. After a hard day of seeing the Kurşunlu Waterfall. Enjoy the fresh air and pine scent. And lush greenery: a magical environment and breathtaking waterfalls.


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