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Full Day Trip to Manavgat waterfalls Antalya

Manavgat Waterfalls Antalya trip

Full Day Trip to Manavgat waterfalls from Antalya 

Manavgat Waterfalls Antalya trip

Manavgat waterfalls

Manavgat waterfalls Antalya, located 80 kilometers from Antalya city center. Manavgat is a great place to go on a day trip to discover its fascinating past. 

There is also a wonderful manavgat grand bazaar where you can buy hand-made souvenirs.

The Manavgat Waterfalls Antalya are just one of the many interesting places in this town.

In their natural splendor, falls beauty is best experienced by boat tour. Explore the charming tourist attractions of the town and marvel at the stunning scenery by taking the manavgat river cruise.

Take a moment to listen to the impact of the water crashing across the rocks below the falls. They aren’t huge, but they cover quite a long distance along the river.

Manavgat waterfalls Antalya Discover the Nature

Manavgat Waterfalls Antalya trip

Manavgat Boat Trip

It is possible to take a relaxing boat trip down the river after photo opportunities to observe the mixing of cold and warm water. 

You’ll have the chance to dip in the river’s cold water and watch certain species that often spawn close to the river, like trout.

The manavgat boat trip includes a delicious lunch aboard the boat and a visit to a world-class mosque and a market.

Why not visit Manavgat, a nearby town that is a mere drive away from Alanya, for a day? 

Travel down the coast by car or bus to see lovely ancient sites and impressive waterfalls hidden in a stunning setting.

The waterfalls are Manavgat’s most popular attraction. Also, there are several vantage points for photographing the stunning scenery.

Manavgat is awash with other attractions since it is the home of numerous historical places. Enjoy breathtaking views from the cliff of the Greek theater. 

Manavgat waterfalls Antalya Grand Pazar

Manavgat waterfalls Antalya Grand Pazar

The ideal spot to view the sunset is the Temple of Apollo Ruins, where some of the vast stone pillars used to build the temple are still in use. Antalya Waterfalls Antalya Trip

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