Antalya Rafting Koprulu Canyon Tour, including Transfer and Lunch

"Antalya Koprulu Canyon"

Antalya Koprulu Canyon

Antalya Rafting Koprulu Canyon, Once upon a time, a group of friends were planning a trip to Antalya. They wanted to make the most of their journey. They found HotelMaps and decided to book a white water rafting tour in the well-known Antalya Rafting Koprulu Canyon.

The Antalya Rafting Koprulu Canyon tour starts at the top of the canyon, where experienced guides from white water rafting Antalya will talk to you and your friends about safety. Then it’s time to jump into the rafts and get ready for the trip of a lifetime.

Antalya Rafting Köprülü Canyon Tour 

When they got to the starting point, the white water rafting Antalya team’s guides were there to meet them. They were friendly and had a lot of experience. They were amazed by how beautiful the Koprülü Canyon Rafting was, and they couldn’t wait to start their trip.

The first few rapids were not very strong, but as they went deeper into the canyon, they got more robust and exciting. The friends laughed and shouted with excitement as they went through the rushing water.

Antalya Rafting Koprulu Canyon

Rafting Koprulu Canyon Antalya

Along the way, the guides pointed out the amazing magical natural beauty of the canyon, like the tall cliffs, lush green plants, and clear pools. The friends were amazed by how beautiful the scenery was and was thankful to be a part of something so magical.

We offer (Antalya Rafting Koprulu Canyon) Tour including hotel transfers and lunch

The tour’s best part was when they rapidly got to the famous “Big Drops” and rode down the massive wave while holding on tight. The thrill of that moment will stay with them forever, and when they reach the calm water below, they all cheered with joy.

After several hours of rafting, they were tired but happy to reach the end of the tour. They all agreed that it was the best time they had ever had rafting, and they couldn’t wait to tell everyone back home about Antalya.

One of the Best Trip in Antalya Rafting Tour

Antalya Rafting Koprulu Canyon

River Antalya Rafting Koprulu Canyon

As they returned to their hotel (Hotel Pick up and Drop Including), they talked about the amazing rafting trip they had just been on and how happy they were to have found They knew that this trip would always be special and memorable and that the white water Antalya Rafting Koprulu Canyon tour would be a magical experience they would never forget.

In some places, the canyon is 400 m (1,300 ft) deep and goes for 14 km (8.7 mi) along the Koprü River. At the rest stop, there are places to eat fish. Fresh trout is a specialty. The Roman Oluklu Bridge (Oluklukoprü) over a tributary gorge and the Bugrum Bridge over the Kocadere stream were engineering marvels of their time.

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