Over 2 million years of water have sculpted the Goynuk Canyon

Goynuk Canyon is the #1 Tour in Antalya! Experience the miracle of nature while on a fantastic adventure. The canyon has been sculpted by water for over 2 million years.

 This is a unique adventure, unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

Nature has prepared a series of amazing views for you to enjoy. You can cool off in the crystal clear water that gushes out of the mountains. 

The whole family will love this fun adventure.

You can also experience our Zipline Antalya tours.

40 meters above ground, travelling at speeds that reach 65km/h.

With each step you take, the swaying hung bridge on the Goynuk Canyon Zipline Course makes you laugh unintentionally.

Canyon Goynuk from Kemer is not just another natural wonderland. It’s a true adventure, with a full-day itinerary that includes a jeep safari of 4km. Also, swimming in a mountain river, a visit to an ethnographic museum. The ruins of the old city of Fazelis and more await our devoted travellers on the extended (Antalya tours) we have just launched. 

The scenic Nature of Canyon Goynuk from Kemer

Goynuk Canyon Antalya Tours

Antalya Tours Goynuk Canyon

From Kemer, the Goynuk Canyon Antalya tours is just 10 kilometres away and takes less than 20 minutes to reach.

The wild beauty and the majestic pines that grow along the edges of the gorge’s exquisite beauty. It has taken 80 million years for the many streams to flow down the rocky slopes like a smattering of diamonds and swift mountain streams. Hundreds of years ago, nomads opted for the region now named Goynuk – which means fertile valley. 

The capital city Fazelis is another attraction that deserves to be noted. It was once strategically crucial to commerce. 

It was home to at its disposal three ports and was renowned for roses and coins. It was a favourite for Alexander the Great and his family. 

Canyon Goynuk from Kemer getting to know the traditional craft

 Antalya Tours Goynuk CanyonAn open-air technopark tells the fascinating story of early Turkic nomadic tribes that settled in the area. 

It also houses a museum dedicated to olive oil. The first olive tree was cultivated 6000 years ago in a city called Milas, which is now a part of the Turkish Republic. Turkey now ranks 4th in the world when it comes to producing and exporting this essential resource.

On the Goynuk Canyon Tour from Kemer, you will learn about olives, their advantages, and how they extracted and stored their oil. 

Canyon Goynuk Antalya Tours

It is an Antalya tours through the most picturesque spot within the Kemer region that is still in its original form, Goynuk Canyon. Each participant will also enjoy swimming in the purest mountain stream while on tour in Phaselis.

Goynuk Canyon From Beldibi

Beldibi’s Goynuk canyon offers more than just walking through its natural beauty. After an active jeep ride through the gorges and mountains, take a dip in the river and explore the ancient city and national park. This is the best choice for a relaxing trip for the entire family.

From Camyuva To Canyon Goynuk

Goynuk Canyon Antalya Tours

Antalya Tours

In a massive jeep traversing the canyons, you can witness the natural history and fauna of Kemer from Camyuva. You will stop for a rest along an emerald river and find a city that was once a thriving one.

Canyon Goynuk From Krish

You will visit a fantastic gorge up to six meters deep on the Kirish to Goynuk excursion. This is where different kinds of rocks are preserved. You’ll have the chance to visit the cities of the past and other fascinating places as you trip along this thrilling Jeep trip.

Tekirova Canyon Goynuk Trip

Visit the Canyon Goynuk in Tekirova, a deep canyon with a width of six meters renowned for its natural beauty throughout Turkey and Europe. While traveling here, Antalya tours can take a dip in the mountains’ reservoirs and visit the ancient city of Phaselis.

If you are looking for a thrilling and unforgettable adventure, try kayaking in the refreshing lakes in Goynuk Canyon Park.
As soon as you enter, the beauty of nature and peaceful setting will leave you in awe. Enjoy a relaxing stroll through the lush. Lush countryside before getting dressed in wetsuits and protective gear.
Join the group for a kayak ride through the rivers and valleys with stunning rock formations.
Begin by following the tiny fish and swim further to relax in freshwater pools beneath cool waterfalls. On the way back and stop by the charming lakeside restaurant to enjoy a delicious lunch and an ice cold drinks.


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