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Rixos Sungate Hotel Antalya A luxury Hotel by the Sea Awaits You

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5 star
Göynük, Rixos Sungate, Kemer/Antalya, Türkiye

“Luxury Meets Nature at Rixos Sungate Hotel Antalya”

Everyone who likes going on adventures, please pay attention! Antalya has a lot of high-end places to stay. Rixos Sungate Kemer is the only place you need to go.

Rixos Sungate Antalya is on the beautiful Turkish Riviera and gives its guests the best vacation. 

With its beautiful views of the sea, large rooms, and excellent service, this resort is the perfect place to get away from work and the busyness of everyday life and enjoy your vacation.

Rixos Sungate Hotel Antalya Luxury resort with all-inclusive amenities (1200 × 630px

Rixos Antalya Sungate Luxury resort with all-inclusive amenities

Find Your Tranquility at Antalya Rixos Sungate Hotel

At Rixos Sungate Antalya, you can do many things, like swim in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean or relax in the hotel’s top-notch spa. This resort has something for everyone, whether you want to spend the day lounging by the pool, playing tennis, or exploring the area.


Discover the popular seven questions about Rixos Sungate Hotel Antalya, Kemer.



What services does Rixos Sungate provide?

In addition to a movie, bowling alley, fitness center, tennis courts, and a Rixy Kids Club, the resort also has 12 swimming pools, two aqua parks, a theater, and a gym. In addition, there are two private piers and a marina for guests to use when engaging in water-based activities from the beach (Antalya Beaches Guide).

What kind of entertainment is available at the resort?

Answer: The entertainment at “Rixos Sungate Antalya” is second to none, blending the warmth of traditional Turkish hospitality with a gastronomic adventure. There is a prominent amusement park called The Land of Legends next to Belek, and guests of the resort can visit it there for free.

What kind of view does the resort offer?

Answer: “Rixos Sungate Resort” is in a beautiful setting, between the blue waters of the Mediterranean and the rugged peaks of the Taurus Mountains. The Olympos Mountains (Olympos Cable Car) Tour), – home to Olympus National Park, are right on the resort’s doorstep.



Find out what the most popular 7 questions are about Rixos Sungate Hotel Antalya, Kemer.

Visit Antalya‘s top attractions during your stay at the luxurious Rixos Sungate. In this effortlessly beautiful resort, you may indulge in sumptuous comforts, take in breathtaking scenery, and explore a world of flavors. Grasp this once-in-a-lifetime chance while you still can!

What kind of lodgings are offered at Rixos Sungate?

Standard rooms, family rooms, suites, and villas are just some of the lodging options available at Sungate Rixos Hotel. Each room is tastefully decorated and equipped with the latest conveniences. Even more impressive are the private pools and panoramic ocean or mountain views offered by a select number of the rooms.

Is there anywhere to eat on the resort grounds?

RIXOS SUNGATE Hotel Turkiye Sky View

RIXOS SUNGATE Hotel Turkiye Sky View

Rixos Sungate Antalya is an all-inclusive resort with a main restaurant, many à la carte restaurants, and several pubs. Delicious drinks and nibbles, both local and from around the world, are available to guests at any time of day. Dining options at the resort range from intimate candlelit dinners to lively family feasts.

What kinds of things may visitors do in the neighborhood?

In addition to the resort’s own entertainment options, guests can venture out to learn more about Antalya’s rich cultural heritage and breathtaking natural landscapes. The adjacent archeological sites of Perge and Aspendos are also well worth a trip, as is the ancient city of

Olympos and the Olympus National Park. The resort is a short drive from the city center and its teeming bazaars, making it convenient for shoppers.

Rixos Sungate - The Land of Legends Access

Rixos Antalya Sungate With A Free  – The Land of Legends Access

Which is the best way to get from the airport to Rixos Sungate?

The airport shuttle service provided by HotelMaps makes getting to and from the resort a breeze. The transfer will not cost extra and will take about an hour.
Enjoy a one-of-a-kind vacation experience at the five-star Rixos Sungate Hotel Antalya.

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Policies of Rixos Sungate Hotel Antalya A luxury Hotel by the Sea Awaits You


Amenities of Rixos Sungate Hotel Antalya A luxury Hotel by the Sea Awaits You

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    Mar, 15, 2023

    Family with children will love this hotel


    Hotel atmosphere was great. The pools were great and housekeeping changed towels and bedding daily. All hotel staff were friendly and helpful. Fun activities abound.

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    Rixos Sungate Hotel Antalya A luxury Hotel by the Sea Awaits You Antalya, Turkiye

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