Holidays Antalya Turkey is your best choice affordable price vacation. Antalya is a Turkish resort city with a yacht-filled Old Harbor and beaches flanked by large hotels. It’s a gateway to Turkey’s southern Mediterranean region, known as the Turquoise Coast for its blue waters. Remnants remain from Antalya’s time as a major Roman port. These include Hadrian’s Gate, built to honour the Roman emperor’s visit in 130 A.D and 2nd-century Hidirlik Tower, with harbour views. ― GoogleArea: 1,417 km²Weather: 14°C, Wind SE at 10 km/h, 44% Humidity local time: Saturday 15:44Postal code: 07xxxMetro population: 2,511,700

Holidays Antalya Turkey is it worth?

Holidays Antalya Turkey

Why is Antalya so Popular? Reasons to Visit Turkey Mediterranean Gem. holidays in Antalya all inclusive

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Antalya holidays all-inclusive 2022

If you’re wondering why Antalya is so famous, there are hundreds of explanations. But first, let’s look at some statistics that demonstrate its popularity. In 2019, 14 million visitors visited the area so far. This is the same number of people that visit Istanbul, Turkey’s most popular tourist attraction. Airlines are looking at new flight itineraries for next year to prepare for another record-breaking year due to the high demand.

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Foreign house buyers are also taking notice of the expanding popularity. Many countries flock to Antalya, which is the second-biggest home market. People are also looking for vacation houses, permanent residences, buy-to-let rental properties, and sensible real estate investment opportunities. Many foreigners seeking citizenship via investment in Turkey chose Antalya, and the region’s vibrant ex-pat population of thousands lives here all year.

According to the London-based Euromonitor list of the world’s most visited cities, it is Europe’s fourth most visited location. As a result, millions of visitors and ex-pats cannot have made a mistake by visiting and settling there. To be clear, we refer to the whole territory of Antalya, which includes the central city centre, smaller beach resorts, and interior towns. Take a look at why people love Turkey’s Mediterranean shore, which covers most of the country.

1: Easy to Get There

The ultramodern airport, which is also Turkey’s leading touristic air travel hub, is where most tourists come. With year-round international flights, it is well-positioned for quick transfers to sites like Belek, Kemer, and the major tourist beach resorts of Lara Beach and Konyaalti. Apart from that, Antalya is a significant sailing centre and covers the D400 highway that runs from east to west across Turkey, making it simple to travel there by road or water.

2: Turkey’s Best Weather Climate

Turkey’s many temperature zones range significantly as a large nation, and if you desire hot summers and moderate winters, Antalya is the place to go. While the wet months of January and February. Make outdoor activities difficult, and the other months have an average of 300 days of sunlight. The warmest months, July and August, saw temperatures in the mid-40s, emphasising the island’s appeal as a vacation destination.

Kaleici old town
Antalya Old Town (Kaleiçi)

3: Turkey’s Most Beautiful Beaches

The coastline is 600 km long, with beautiful sandy beaches, secret coves, and isolated bays. However, don’t think they’re just any old beaches around the Mediterranean Sea. Cleopatra’s, Konyaalti, Lara, Kaputas, and Patara often appear on Trip Advisor’s yearly list of Turkey’s finest beaches. Antalya offers a variety of cities and villages for ex-pats who want to Visit Antalya.

4: Exciting Nightlife and Shopping Scenes
So, apart from lovely beaches, what else is there to do? There’s a lot to see in Antalya, Turkey. Including some of the most incredible nightlife and shopping in the Mediterranean. Traditional weekly markets for fruit and vegetables, souvenirs, apparel, home products, and more, as well as enormous shopping malls that match those in America, are available. As witnessed at sit-down roof terrace pubs, seaside dining restaurants, and numerous nightclubs with renowned DJs, nightlife varies from tranquil to fast-paced.

Ancient cities
Ancient cities

5: Pay a visit to tourist attractions and historical landmarks

Ancient ruins, including Aspendos, Phaselis, Myra, Alanya’s red tower and fortress, Kekova underground ruins, and others, have left evidence of Antalya’s vivid past. Water parks, museums, open areas, the famed Aquarium, and a cable car journey up Mount Tahtali are all worth seeing. The primary attraction, Kaleici old town, with its charming mix of Ottoman homes, historic mosques, commanding clock tower, and renowned Hadrian’s gate, should not be overlooked.

Natural Beauty Landscapes (holidays antalya turkey)

Photographers and outdoor enthusiasts admire breathtaking natural beauties that provide the ideal picture-postcard setting. Despite the broad appeal of these landscapes, it requires hard work and costs several years to create natural beauty.

 6: Which landscape is the most stunning? You decide!

 For starters, waterfalls are an enormous business, with places like upper and lower Duden Waterfall, also, Waterfall Kursunlu, also in Manavgat among the most popular Waterfall with great relaxing area in Antalya. The Koprulu Canyon is twinned with the Taurus mountain range, making it a popular destination for adventure sports enthusiasts and hikers. Rafting of the most famous Tour In Antalya. In addition many other adventures. 

7: Play Golf in Belek 

We don’t usually mention names, but notable players have competed in Belek, Turkey’s golfing center. Tiger Woods and Barack Obama were among them when Belek hosted the G20 summit. Well-known personalities like Nick Faldo developed Cornelia and other courses. Belek is presently considered one of the best golfing destinations in Spain and Portugal. (To learn more about Belek, click here.)

8: Take a hike along the Lycian Way

Historical ruins
holidays Antalya turkey

The Lycian Way, Turkey’s longest hiking trail, begins in Antalya. It encompasses the entire coastline and has ancient and historical sites dating back to the Lycian empire. Most people walk it in portions as it stretches 500 kilometres to Fethiye. Otherwise, campsites along the way allow overnight reservations if you want to finish the walk all at once.

9: A plethora of adventure sports

Adrenaline addicts will have a wide range of activities to choose from. Scuba diving is widespread, and schools that sell test dives and training draw in novice and inexperienced divers. Paragliding or white water rafting in the Koprulu Canyon are both options in the small, charming town of Kas. Parasailing and jet ski sessions are available at most beach water sports centres. You can also go sea kayaking over the submerged ruins of Kekova or sign up for canyoning and mountain biking trails with an experienced firm in Ucagiz.

10: A Wide Range of Destinations

Holidays in Antalya all-inclusive Resorts
holidays in Antalya all-inclusive

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to stay the night or wish to relocate and live here, there are a variety of cities and villages you can choose from. Indulge in traditional vibes in Side, beachy vibes in Kemer, a high-end lifestyle in Kalkan, or nostalgic themes in Kas. Cirali and Olympus provide tranquillity, while Alanya, gaining popularity, is another all-rounder.

11: It Exudes Cosmopolitan Atmosphere

Some tourist destinations in Turkey cater to only one nationality. Altinkum, sometimes known as Little Britain, is a good example. Antalya, on the other hand, welcomes everyone. In terms of tourism, Russians, Germans, and Britons lead the way, although Middle Eastern and Asian nations have boosted these figures in recent years. Some 5-star luxury hotels are already hosting lavish weddings for the wealthy and influential. Indians, who bring with them up to 200 guests on the plane., together with the diverse eating scene in restaurants serving a variety of cuisines and the fact that inhabitants speak many languages, demonstrate Antalya’s cosmopolitan status.

12: Hospitality and Diversity (holidays Antalya turkey)

It excels at everything, and anything is the main reason for its appeal. The distinction shines through in all areas, from nightlife to travel to lifestyle trends, as it caters to both luxury vacationers and ex-pats. Antalya caters to individuals of all ages and occupations, so it doesn’t matter how old or young you are. It’s simple to find a destination that suits your lifestyle. Although hospitality is engrained in Turkish tradition, Antalya thrives in the hotel business, with award-winning properties featured in international tourist publications.

13: On the Turkish Rivera, Excellence

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holidays in antalya all inclusive

This turquoise beachfront makes up a significant portion of Turkey’s Riviera. Unlike its counterparts in other nations such as France, the Rivera has tiny towns, villages, and ancient sites. International ships are sailing these waters frequent Antalya, a key sailing hub. Those who want to spend a day sailing the coast should go to harbors where boats leave every morning in the summer for a relaxing day cruise.

Why it’s Important for Home Buyers: Antalya is a prominent tourist destination, which has impacted the housing market, as evidenced by this year’s statistics. According to industry insiders, foreigners would acquire 10,000 apartments and villas by the end of 2019. That’s an astounding number of dwellings, with year-over-year growth of 20%. But why are international ex-pats flocking to this city?

Antalya’s Future Vision 14

Some may believe that it may relax and rest on its laurels; yet, nothing could be farther from the truth. Antalya is determined to preserve its tourism profile. Thus, new sights and activities pop up every year. They spend on infrastructure and transportation to keep the interest flowing. Plans include a new cruise ship port, the Konyaalti marina, and, if everything goes well, becoming Turkey’s top film studio.

15: Reasonable Costs

Despite its celebrity status, the availability of affordable housing keeps interest high. Budget and first-time purchasers and real estate investors are attracted to low prices in particular neighborhoods where there is a supply shortage and land for development. It has a lot of promise for anyone wishing to make a medium to long-term investment of at least seven years to maximize their capital gains.

16: Active Market (holidays Antalya turkey)

Because of its constant activity, the real estate market allows you to convert bricks and mortar into actual cash in a matter of minutes. Because of high liquidity, the area attracts a Turkish worldwide consumer base, as people from all over the world buy in the neighbourhood. Houses are sold and purchased every day because the market never slows down.

holidays antalya turkey
holidays antalya turkey

17: Established Foreigner Community “holidays Antalya turkey”

Because so many foreigners live here, anyone wishing to make friends and join like-minded social circles will fit right in. This article will explain why house buyers and ex-pats chose Antalya for a new life in Turkey. It should help any future ex-pat decide whether Antalya is suitable for them by discussing their location, value for money, and the property purchase system.

18: Enormous Portfolio (holidays Antalya turkey)

Due to the vast area of the region, potential purchasers can choose from a large selection of flats and villas. It is an all-rounder, ranging from affordable apartments in neighborhoods like Mahmutlar to luxurious, billionaire coastal houses in Kalkan. Check out our Antalya property portfolio and get in touch with us for additional information about any home that catches your eye.

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