Before Antalya became the top summer resort town in Turkey. And, it was the ancient city of Attalia, established during the Hellenistic era before becoming part of the Roman Empire. As such, the old town is a very significant location in the nation where Europe. And Asia meets, harking back to a rich history. Feeling inspired? You may visit Antalya as part of Culture Trip’s spectacular 12-day Turkey trip, guided by our local expert.

Everything You Need to Know About (Kaleiçi) the Old Town of Antalya, Turkey

How to get there? You may easily get to Kaleiçi by strolling or taking a taxi to Kale Kaps. The main plaza, which is distinguishing by the Saat Kulesi. (clock tower). Which was constructing during the time of Ottoman Sultan Abdül Hamid II. When you see the statue of King Attalus II of Pergamon, who established the city of Attalia. About 150BCE, you’ll know you’ve arrived at the plaza. From there, go through Uzun arş Sokak, which is opposite the clock tower, to reach the old town.

What You Will See

When you’re in Uzun Sokak, don’t miss the stunning Tekeli Mehmet Paşa Cami, an Ottoman mosque. Constructed in the 18th century. If you go up Hesapç Sokak, you’ll eventually come upon the magnificent ruin of Hadrian’s Gate. Which was constructing in 130CE to honor the arrival of Roman Emperor Hadrian. Pay attention to (and take pictures of) the wonderfully elaborate floral theme friezes and cornices. So a little farther down Hesapç Sokak lie the remains of the Kesik Minare Cami. (Broken Minaret Mosque), a former Roman temple constructed in the second century. That subsequently became a Byzantine church and, finally, a mosque in the 13th century. So, from there, take the Krkmerdiven (40 Steps) down to the old port. Which was constructing by the Venetians who inhabited Antalya in the 15th century. You’ll find yourself at the bottom of the stairs in the old Roman Harbour. Which served as the major artery from the second century. BCE until the late twentieth century, when a new port was constructing near Konyaalt Beach. The ancient port now houses yachts and excursion boats, as well as cafés and restaurants. The magnificent Hdrlk Kulesi, a stone tower allegedly constructed by the Roman Empire. In the second century that subsequently became a fortress and lighthouse, can be found on the southwestern border.

What to do in Antalya old town

After you’ve seen everything, go about the tiny cobblestoned alleys. And appreciate the Ottoman-era homes, many of which have been renovating and converted into modest hotels. In addition, one of the ancient mansions also houses the Suna-nan Kraç Kaleiçi Museum. Which focuses on ethnography and has an Orthodox church in the lovely garden. You may also do some shopping in one of the numerous little shops offering gifts. Or just settle down at a café for some much-needed shade. If you chance to be in Kaleiçi in the evening, take a trip to Karaaliolu Park. (On the city’s southwestern outskirts) for a promenade accompanied by a massive, colorful view of a beautiful sunset. Things to Do in Antalya.