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Sherwood Dreams Resort Antalya All-Inclusive Holiday

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5 star
Boğazak Mahallesi, Sherwood Dreams Resort, 29. Sokak, Serik/Antalya, Türkiye
+90 545 803 83 81

Sherwood Dreams Resort Antalya UnforgettableExperiences

Sherwood Dreams Resort Antalya, where unforgettable experiences await you. At Sherwood Dreams Resort Belek, you’ll have adventures you’ll never forget. This resort is in the beautiful area of Antalya and offers the right mix of luxury, adventure, and relaxation. Sherwood Dreams Antalya offers a stay you won’t soon forget thanks to its high-quality rooms, great amenities, and many fun things to do.

Sherwood Dreams Resort Antalya BELEK

Comfort and Opulence Await at Sherwood Dreams Resort Antalya Belek

TheSherwood Dreams Resort Belek is the height of comfort and style with its opulent accommodations and services. We designed our cosy rooms and suites to accommodate all of your needs. Enjoy the roomy layouts, contemporary furnishings, and a number of amenities that guarantee a comfortable stay. The most lavish and opulent place to stay is at our resort. It offers a spa and private terraces with lovely views.

Endless Adventures and Entertainment at Antalya Sherwood dreams resort Fun for All Ages

Sherwood Dreams Resort Belek Antalya by HotelMaps.coAntalya Sherwood Dreams Resort Belek provides a wide range of exciting activities and entertainment opportunities for visitors of all ages. Explore the undersea world while snorkelling or scuba diving, engage in a game of beach volleyball, or plunge into adventure with exhilarating water sports. We have large swimming pools and a peaceful spa sanctuary for anyone looking to unwind. The children’s club will be a blast for kids, guaranteeing that they too will have a memorable time.  Luxurious accommodation, family-friendly facilities, and a range of activities await you.

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Indulge in Culinary Excellence: A Gastronomic Journey at Sherwood Dreams Antalya Resort

Gourmet Dining: Sherwood Dreams Resort Antalya has a variety of gourmet dining choices that will take your taste buds on a trip. A talented chefs use the freshest ingredients to make delicious food, from foreign cuisine to traditional Turkish dishes. Enjoy themed nights, live cooking stations, and a range of bars where you can relax with your favorite drink. The best food is at the center of our resort.

Rixos Premium Belek Resort Antalya All-inclusive

Discover the Enchanting Nature and Attractions of Antalya: Enhance Your Experience at Dreams Resort Sherwood 

Find Out About Antalya’s Natural Beauty: While you’re enjoying the resort’s services, take the time to learn about Antalya’s natural beauty. Visit nearby historical places and landmarks, go on a walk through beautiful scenery, or just relax on the beaches. Antalya has many cultural, nature, and historical sites that will make your stay at Sherwood Dreams Resort more enjoyable.

Elevate Your Getaway with Unparalleled Luxury, Adventure, and Culinary Delights at Sherwood Dreams Resort Antalya

Sherwood Dreams Resort will take your trip to the next level. Our resort is the perfect place to get away because it has luxury rooms, a wide range of activities, great food, and access to Antalya’s beautiful surroundings. Book your stay today and get ready for times you’ll remember for the rest of your life. At Sherwood Dreams Resort Antalya, you can live out your dreams and have a great vacation.

FAQ Sherwood Dreams Resort Antalya Belek

  • Sherwood Dreams Resort Antalya AQUATOWER1. What kinds of rooms are there at the Sherwood Dreams Resort Antalya?

Sherwood Dreams Resort has a variety of room types, such as standard rooms, family suites, and luxury villas with private pools, to meet different needs. Each room is made to be both comfortable and stylish.

  • 2. What kind of services does the Sherwood hotel Antalya have?

Antalya Sherwood Belek Resort has a lot to offer, such as multiple swimming pools, a spa and wellness centre, exercise facilities, restaurants and bars, a children’s club, entertainment programmes, and access to a private beach.

  • 3. What places of interest are close to the Antalya Sherwood dreams resort antalya all inclusive?

The Dreams Sherwood Resort Antalya is near a lot of local attractions, which is very handy. Antalya has many beautiful beaches that visitors can check out. They can also visit historical sites like the Antalya Old Town and Hadrian’s Gate, or check out the beautiful waterfalls and national parks.

Yes, Sherwood dreams resort antalya all inclusive Antalya has all-inclusive packages that include lodging, meals, some drinks, and entry to the resort’s amenities and activities.

Sherwood Dreams Resort Antalya is proud of the variety of restaurants it has. In the resort’s restaurants, guests can choose from a wide range of foods, such as foreign dishes, traditional Turkish dishes, seafood specialties, and themed dining nights.

  • 6. Does HotelMaps offer transport to and from the airport?

Yes, HotelMaps offers airport transfer services for guests’ convenience. You can arrange airport transfers through our reservation team or directly

  • 7. Are there any water sports activities available at  Dreams Sherwood Resort Antalya?

Yes, of course! There are many water sports available at Sherwood Dream Resort Antalya, such as snorkelling, scuba diving, jet skiing, sailing, and more. In Antalya, guests can have exciting adventures in the water, which is very clear.

  • 8. Are there special facilities for families with children at Sherwood Dream Resort Antalya?

Yes, Sherwood Dreams  Antalya caters to families with children. The resort features a dedicated children’s club with supervised activities, a children’s pool, playground, and entertainment programs designed to ensure a fun-filled experience for young guests.

  • 9. What local attractions can guests explore near Sherwood hotel Antalya?

The Sherwood Dream Resort Antalya is close to a lot of interesting places. Antalya has many beautiful beaches that visitors can check out. They can also visit historical sites like the Antalya Old Town and Hadrian’s Gate, or check out the beautiful waterfalls and national parks.

  • 10. Is there a spa and leisure centre at the Sherwood dreams resort antalya all inclusive in Antalya?

Yes, the Sherwood Dreams Resort in Antalya has a spa and leisure centre that is very nice. For the ultimate wellness experience, guests can get massages, facials, and other services that help them feel better, as well as use saunas, steam rooms, and relaxation areas. For more info Please Click Here.

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Policies of Sherwood Dreams Resort Antalya All-Inclusive Holiday

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Amenities of Sherwood Dreams Resort Antalya All-Inclusive Holiday

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Guest Reviews (2 reviews)


Jul, 29, 2023



Excellent hotel with friendly staff and good food if you like a range of options. If you don't want bars and clubs, this is a great place. City or town to far away Taxi needed if you don't want to stay in the hotel ground



Jul, 29, 2023



Sherwood Dreams Resort in Antalya is a fantastic beachfront destination. With spacious rooms, great amenities, and delicious dining options, it offers a memorable vacation experience. The staff is friendly and the location is beautiful, making it an ideal choice for families and couples.

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Sherwood Dreams Resort Antalya All-Inclusive Holiday Turkiye

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