Turkish Maldives island Antalya Boat tourTurkish Maldives From Antalya

Turkish Maldives island Antalya, Because of its unique route and content. The Suluada Boat Tour from Antalya the Turkish Riviera.

Is one of the most popular and well-liked boat excursions leaving from Antalya.

In one day, you’ll cruise through Antalya’s coastlines and land on the stunning boat tour of Suluada (Turkish Maldives island). This small island resembles a floating crown on the water. Will captivate you and make you fall in love with it!

Suluada the wonder Island in Antalya Turkish Maldives

To begin our fantastic Suluada tour (Turkish Maldives island) Boat Trip from Antalya. We will pick you up from any hotel in Antalya.

We will leave from Antalya once everyone is ready. Drive for a 90-km road journey that will take about 1 hour 30 minutes.

No worries: the trip will not be dull; rather, it will be enjoyable and exciting. We’ll drive through beautiful locations so you may take in the breathtaking scenery.

Then we’ll arrive at the port, where our double-decker boat will be waiting for us.

then the wanderword of the (Turkish Maldives island) Suluada tour (Turkish Maldives island) will start.

You will be greeted cordially by the crew of the boat, and you will be seated on your preferred deck. We’ll start sailing as soon as everyone is ready!

Suluada the Turkish Maldives island tour

Turkish Maldives in Antalya

Antalya Maldives

This trip will start with a bang by sailing to Suluada island. You’ll fall in love with the beautiful island, its blue seas, sparkling beaches, and stunning picture, which resembles the Maldives.
You may swim in there as often as you like during your spare time. Fill your spirit with ultimate vitality and serenity.

Finally, this unique island will leave an indelible impression on you!

We’ll leave the station and begin sailing to the second stop when the timer runs out.

We’ll enjoy a wonderful lunch on the terrace and replenish our energy bar before heading there.

Akseki Bay, often known as Love Island (Turkish Maldives island Antalya)

Turkish Maldives island Antalya

Turkish Maldives Antalya Boat Tour


Then, the next stop is The Akseki Bay, also known as Love Island.

Is the second destination on the Suluada (The Turkish Maldives island) Boat Trip from Antalya.

This location is well-known because of a small cave known as Love Cave.

You will fall in love with it because of its narrative and landscape!

The water level in this cave is usually low, giving the impression of being in a pool…

We’ll hop back in the boat and cruise back to the port. After taking a swim break and taking in the scenery.

We’ll take the bus to Antalya and drop you off at your Hotel.

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