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Antalya Tours and Hotels – Hotel Maps. Antalya It’s Turkey’s fastest-growing city, and it’s made quite an impression on the tourist landscape. Antalya, Turkey’s biggest Mediterranean coastal city, was previously a gateway to the Turkish Riviera. Still, it has now evolved into a thriving international sea resort.
The Turquoise Coast is located directly on the Gulf of Antalya. Enjoy your vacation with “sandy stretches of beach hugging a shoreline lapped by emerald seas and backed by forest-blanketed hills.”
Beyond the beaches, there’s a great environment of canyons, waterfalls. Moreover, a classically gorgeous city, complete with old Roman ruins, beautifully preserved Ottoman homes. Best hotels in Antalya and Antalya holidays, a Roman-era port with clifftop views over the sea.

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Antalya Hotels, Tours – Hotel Maps.

Medical Tourism in Antalya, Turkey

Antalya, also known as the Turkish Riviera, is a city in southern Turkey.
Besides the appropriate budget vacations, Antalya hotels and luxury resorts. In addition, to the gorgeous landscape with the warm weather, Antalya have a lot to offer. Antalya’s medical tourism industry also has grown dramatically in recent years. Medical tourism (Health Tourism) is a type of tourism that relies on the health sector’s infrastructure and internationally recognized medical skills. HotelMaps assists you in locating the top clinics and hospitals in the fields of dental treatment, hair transplantation, eye surgery, fertilization, and plastic surgery, as well as organ transplantation.